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So, the other day I got a phone call from a number that I did not recognize.  As I normally do, I did not answer the phone call and figured if it was important that the caller would leave a message.  Of course, they did not leave a message.  Since I had some free time on my hands I decided to investigate the phone number to see if I could find more information on it (even though I really didn’t need to because after all, they didn’t leave a message so it must not be important).  Anyways, while investigating I came across a pretty cool site (I least I thought it was cool).  It is called  As the domain indicates it is a website that has information on everything related to the number.  (I found the site by searching for the number in Google.)

The site has everything you could possibly think about related to a phone numbers.  It has information on where the number is located, what company owns the number, the type of number (cell phone or landline), etc.  It also has how to pronounce the number (which is kinda lame IMHO).  The coolest thing that I saw on that site is that it has a section that shows what your phone number spells.  It only gives possible spelling for the last four of the number but I still thought it was neat.  I then searched my number on the site to see what my number spelled but nothing came up :( .   Then I noticed that the last four of my number contains 1′s which don’t have a letter attached to them.